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Binyon, Deborah A August 10, 1951 - February 8, 2017

Deborah Ann Binyon, 65, of Osceola, Missouri is running and dancing with her Heavenly Father after passing on from this temporary home at 7:30pm on February 8th, 2017 after a long illness. She is preceded in death by her parents Clarence and Irene Green as well as three sisters-Nora June Ralls, Sue McAvee, and Darla Wiens. She is survived by her husband John “Jay” Binyon, of the home, as well as a daughter, Candy Tied with her husband Austin and a son, Schott Dalton with his wife Scharlette. She is also survived by her sister, Betty Weatherby, five grandchildren-Joshua, Aaron, and Analisa Morace, Bryanna Nickerson, and Ashley Hutzell as well as one great-grandchild, Isabella Hutzell.

All are invited to attend a celebration of her life at Osceola Church of the Nazarene on Wednesday February 15, 2017 at 11am. There will be a time of visitation and viewing preceding the service at 10am.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the Debbie Binyon Memorial Fund, care of Osceola Church of the Nazarene.

Ode To Debbie

I have lived for many years, but in all those years, NO ONE has ever loved me like my little “Tweety” (you know her as Debbie). She called me her “Little Clown” when we first met, she then shortened it to “Goofy”, which has been her nickname for me ever since.

It wasn’t until after we got out of the horse business, that I found out she hated it. I think she loved our horses, but was afraid of them to a degree, because of her past experiences with them. She never would ride any of them. Instead she would take hundreds and hundreds of pictures for me, of the horses. She was also my horse hummer. If the horses were nervous, she would hum “Amazing Grace” and settle them back down. It worked every time. I knew then without a doubt, how truly DEEP her love was for me.

As it turned out, she was right in the end, to be afraid of them, because one of the horses I had in for training stomped her severly. The injuries from that eventually caused her death.

She wanted very little for herself. She wasn’t after diamonds or jewlery. Lucky me,huh?! She wasn’t always buying new clothes. In fact I had to make her buy new clothes. She wasn’t into the latest fashions or makeup. She put on very little in fact. I liked it that way. The least makeup is more. Every once in a while she wanted a perm. The only things she asked for was better appliances to make her work easier. I gladly obliged her.

When it came to other people, she was very astute in judging them. And she was seldom wrong in her opinion of the people she met. They were either good (trustworthy) or bad (untrustworthy). The ones she liked, she would associate with. If she told you she loved you. She meant it. When it came to her likes and dislikes, a person had to be a quick study to learn to read her, because she was very secretive with her emotions. I had to figure this all out very quickly or get into trouble, where no partner wants be.

Deb and I often marveled that in the twenty years that we knew each other, we NEVER, yes NEVER, had knockdown, drag out, raised voices, fight. We would sit down and ask each other’s opinion and reasoning of what the situation was, and then come to an amicable conclusion. We just took each other as we were, with no strings attached. Her love for me was so profoundly deep that she forgave me of my many, many…shortcomings.

In my younger, growing up days, I learned violence in the home, and became very wild and woolly and hard to deal with, and so, after several other previous wives (4), never did I think I derserved or would ever find a true life mate. Debbie taught me patience and taught me how to control my vicious anger. How little did I know what God had in store for me. He gifted me with the beautful Deborah Ann Binyon. She was truly MY “BFF”. It has been a “Wausome” journey together, oh, that means (wow/awesome), as taught to me by Debbie. Her love for me was so profoundly deep that she forgave me of my many, many…shortcomings. As you can see, it was a GREAT PRIVILEGE being married to Debbie.

There is no other person on this earth that can replace my Deb,Tweety, or as I started calling her around the house these last few years, “Mother”, or “Mom”. I just want our great memories together to keep me company in my old age. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, Debbie my “Tweety”, till the day I go to God.

THANK YOU, God, for what you have given me.

John (Jay) Binyon, February 12, 2017

Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Time: 10:00 - 11:00 AM

Visitation Location:
Osceola Church of the Nazarene

Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM

Service Location:
Osceola Church of the Nazarene


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